Group of materials used in the interior of footwear having direct contact with the foot. This group includes lining knitted fabrics and polyester laminates with polyurethane foam.


Knitted fabrics

A wide variety of materials in terms of thickness and weave. They are used mainly for shaping the vamp of leather footwear, but can also be used as an interlining to reinforce other parts of the shoe. All materials can be coated with a self-adhesive acrylic-based or thermoplastic EVA glue.

a) D-300

b) D-1

c) D-170

d) D-155 Punto

e) D-2

f) SB-75



Laminates are formed by flame melting of appropriate foam and simultaneously pressing to it the material which you want to combine with it during this process. This way, you can obtain products that are combined on one or two sides, and the foam used in this process serves as a softening agent for the output. The thickness of the laminate depends on the individual needs of a client.

a) LaCosta


c) Welur